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Meet Your Team

“My hands are in it. Other agencies, especially giant corporations hire people to run the business. We are different. We are on call 24/7 ready for clients and ready for our employees. We care. ” – Mary Agodoa, Founder

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Mary - Managing Director

“Our staffing coordinators work with healthcare facilities to fulfill their requests.”


Felicia - Staffing Coord.

“Facilities reach us staffing coordinators by submitting a Facility Staffing Request or simply calling us at (800) 656-4414.”

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Janet - Staffing Coord.

“The AACO staffing coordinators team is available to clients around the clock, 24/7/365.”

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Linda - Human Resources

“Recruiting skilled employees and ensuring they are ready to serve client facilities is key.”

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Dianna - Receptionist / Staffer

“When I’m not helping on the staffing front I’m managing first impressions at the front desk.”

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Amanda - Receptionist

“First impressions matter, so do lasting impressions. That’s why I often send helpful reminders out to nurses.”


Jazmin - Payroll

“I like getting people paid. I wish I could tap every employee on the shoulder and remind them to submit their timecard and expenses.”

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Adela - Staffer

“As a staffer, I work with our network of nurse employees to find them interesting assignments in the areas they want to work.”

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Beth - Staffer

“We never stop multi-tasking, always trying to find the perfect fit for the employee and the healthcare facility.”

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Victoria - Staffer

“I love it when our nurses are as busy as they’d like to be and working in facilities they appreciate.”

Gina - Staffer

“It’s wonderful when a facility wants to hire an ACCO nurse directly. In those cases I think – what a perfect fit that must be.”

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Maria - Staffer

“It can be a challenge calling people to meet an emergency night-time facility need. But, our culture of care, makes it happen.”

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Hiwot - Staffer

“The collective experiences and skills of our nursing employees is huge and impressive. Facilities are lucky to have such talent.”

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Eric - Assistant Manager

“Our business is dynamic because the healthcare facilities we serve are always undergoing change with mergers, planned leaves, nurse shortages, etc.”

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Traveling Nurses

“I enjoy going to new facilities in new locations that I’ve not visited before. Patients love my out-of-towner stories and I love telling them.”

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Temporary Nurses

“My experiences spanning several facilities helps me to immediately immerse into the facility and provide high-quality patient care alongside permanent staff.”