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Nurse Employee FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of nursing positions does AACO Nursing Agency hire for?

AACO hires the following positions: Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Certified Nurses Assistant (CNA), and Certified Medication Aide (CMA Med-Aide). We don’t hire certified medical assistants, only those nurses and nursing assistants providing direct patient care.

What is the process for getting a job with AACO Nursing Agency?

If you are an experienced CNA, LPN, or RN please call 1-800-656-4414 today or complete an online application

How much experience does AACO Nursing Agency require?

ACCO Nursing Agency requires LPNs and RNs to have at least 3-6 months experience working in a hospital or nursing home within the last two years. We do hire new CNAs and Med-Aides without experience, but you do need to be certified.

What does it mean to work per diem?

Per diem is Latin for “per day.” Per diem assignments are short-term temporary assignments that range from a day to several days, usually to fill in for full-time employees who have planned or unplanned leave, i.e., called in sick or scheduled vacation. An AACO Nursing Agency employee may work “per diem” in one facility for 2 days and “per diem” in a different facility for another 3 days, all in the same week.

Do I have to be certified when I apply for a CNA or Med-Aide position?

Yes, you do need to be certified. Please apply for a position at AACO Nursing Agency after you are certified.

Do I have to be certified in states I wish to travel to?

Yes, you have to get certified in the individual states to work there. We can help you get certified in those states if you are interested.

What if I am not licensed in the state I wish to travel to?

This is not a problem for RNs, LPNs, and CNAs.  If you want to certify in another state. AACO Nursing Agency will send you information so you can do this. Each state is different – some states work as quickly as 1 week whereas others might take up to 3 months. This doesn’t work for Med-aides since the training requirement is different in each state.

Where is AACO Nursing Agency physically located?

We have a single administrative office in Washington State that serves the needs of clients and employees nationwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, (24/7/365). Operating with a low overhead means keeping expenses low for clients and wages competitive for employees.

I’m ready to travel. Do you have immediate assignments for qualified nurses?

We can keep you busy if you want to travel for work. Travel doesn’t have to be different state; you can travel across your city or explore other regions of your state.

Do I have to work a certain number of shifts to remain active?

There is no minimum and all offers that AACO Nursing Agency makes to employees are optional. You can accept or decline any particular offer.

How do I know if you have assignments in my state?

The first step is to apply. Then an AACO Nursing Agency recruiting specialist will be in contact with you.

How do you handle reimbursement for travel?

If you have to travel far from home we pay for gas and provide a place for you to stay.

How do timecards work and pay practices work for traveling nurses?

AACO Nursing Agency employees mail or fax timecards usually from the facility where they are working. We ask employees to call when faxing to confirm receipt. Timecards are due each Tuesday of the week, no later than 10am Pacific time. Submit one time card for each shift worked. Separate time cards for each day. Doubles shifts are ok on one time card. Pay is every Friday for work the previous Sunday – Saturday. Paychecks or statements for those with online deposit are mailed to the hotel or current mailing address for the employee.

What is a typical length of assignment for an AACO Nursing Agency employee?

Per diem assignments are as short as a day. If somebody enjoys traveling we can send them to facilities who could use them for 3-4 months or longer. Some of these employees take a break and then return.

Do you have local assignments if I don’t wish to travel?

Yes, some people love to travel across country to explore new territory. Others enjoy traveling across their own state to cities new to them. Some nurses stay busy in their own “backyard” when there are enough healthcare facilities with ongoing unmet needs.

What if I am not able to work for the the entire length of the assignment being offered?

It usually isn’t a problem, depending upon the facility requirements. For example, if the facility needs a person for 3 weeks but you are only able to satisfy 2 of those weeks, AACO will find another person for the remaining week.

I used to work for AACO and then I took some time off, may I return?

Absolutely! We love to see employees return. Please call us to make sure we have your most recent contact information and work preferences.

I’m ready to travel internationally. Does AACO Nursing Agency provide international travel opportunities for qualified nurses?

At this time AACO Nursing Agency serves facility needs within the United States. If you take an international assignment and need employment in the U.S. after you return, please contact us. We’ve love to put you to work again.

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